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Sponsor a Kennel

Sponsor a Kennel

Through our new Sponsor a Kennel Program, you can be part of the work we do and make a difference in our areaís overpopulation problem.

Kennel sponsors are individuals, families or businesses that make a commitment to support to our efforts for 6 months. Your name and/or logo is engraved on a 5 x 3-inch stainless steel kennel card that will hang on the kennel, which not only lets us express recognition to our supporters but also makes the overall looks of the mobile unit more cheerful. We have now 2 kennel sponsors, some of whom give their contribution monthly or annually, and some who support us with services rather than cash. What a wonderful way to honor a beloved pet, family member or friend plus help beloved animals in our community.

You will also receive a certificate stating that you have sponsored a kennel on SNAP-NCís mobile units, updates on a few of the dogs and cats that have resided in the sponsor kennels and a special acknowledgement in our newsletter!

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