This program provides subsidies for sterilization of dogs and cats and is available as funding allows. The co-payment is $35.00 cash for cats and $50.00 for dogs less than 60 pounds, $70 for dogs 60 pounds and over, with the balance covered through grants and/or donations. The co-payment is due in cash on the morning of surgery and will include routine surgery, pain medication, rabies and distemper vaccination. (We reserve the right to limit the number of pets sterilized in any one family. We further reserve the right to refuse additional veterinary services not detailed above.)

The PALS Program is available to low-income residents in the following counties: Granville, Harnett, Johnson, Lee, Vance, Wake (not Cary) and Wayne.

Print out the PALS form in PDF format, fill it out, and mail it (SNAP-NC, PO Box 278, New Hill, NC 27562) with all supporting documents. We will call you when we have processed your application and we will schedule your appointment at that time. Please allow 10 business days for us to contact you. You must have subsidy approval BEFORE scheduling your appointment.

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ATTENTION: DURHAM, CASWELL, ORANGE, PERSON and WAKE County (Cary only) Residents. As a resident of Durham, Orange, Caswell, Person or Wake County you are eligible for AnimalKind’s, “The $20 FIX” program. Please go to AnimalKind for more information or contact them at 919-870-1660.

ATTENTION: FRANKLIN County Residents. As a resident of Franklin County you are eligible for the S.N.I.F. Program, funded by the Franklin County Humane Society. Please visit Franklin County Humane Society for more information or contact them at 919-990-1047.

PALS Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PALS Program?

PALS (Prevent Another Litter Subsidy) is a financial assistance program for qualified low-income pet owners.

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What are the qualifications for the PALS Program?

You must fill out a PALS application and provide proof of financial need in order to qualify for the PALS Program. Accepted forms of proof are listed on the application.

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What is the co-payment for the PALS Program if I am approved?

$50 cash for dogs less than 60 pounds
$70 cash for dogs 60 pounds and over
$35 cash for cats

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How many pets can I have spayed or neutered using the PALS Program?

The PALS Program is funded solely through grants and donations therefore we must limit the number of approved pets to 2 per family per lifetime. We reserve the right to decline applications from clients that have used the PALS Program in the past and are seeking help with new pets.

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I have more than two pets, should I list them all on the PALS application?

Yes. Please be sure to list all pets owned by you at the time of your application as this could affect your approval in the future. If you have both male and female pets in your household, priority will be given to the females.

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My pet may be pregnant and I want to keep her puppies/kittens, do I still qualify for the PALS Program?

No. The purpose of the PALS Program is to prevent litters. Should you choose to allow any of your pets to have litters after you are approved for the subsidy your approval status will be revoked.

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Where can I get a PALS application?

The PALS application is available on this page (link is above) or call our office to receive an application by mail.

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How long does it take SNAP to process my PALS application?

Please allow 10 business days. We will call you when we have processed your application and we will schedule your appointment(s) at that time.

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