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Pet overpopulation is a serious problem and one affecting all of us as pet families and ordinary citizens. Caring for pets without families puts a severe drain on the financial and other resources of our communities, and unwanted litters are a problem for families across the area. Of the fifty-thousand puppies and kittens born every day in the United States, only one in nine ever find a loving home with a caring family. Adoptions are only a small part of the solution. The real answer lies at the source of the problem.

Our pets are a real part of our families, and deserve the best care possible to extend and enhance their lives just as we would do for any other family member. The process of sterilization not only works to solve the overpopulation problem, but also provides our pets with a greater quality of life and makes them better companions for us.

Spayed or neutered pets:
  •   Tend to live an average of two to three years longer
  •   Are protected from some types of cancer
  •   Have a reduced chance of running away or fighting
  •   Are three times less likely to bite our children or us.

SNAP-NC is a nonprofit organization providing discounted spay-neuter services to North Carolina residents. Our Mission is to address Pet Overpopulation in our State by offering high quality, low cost spay-neuter surgeries for pets belonging to North Carolina families in need.

Families need not meet income qualifications in order to use the services of SNAP-NC. We do not turn anyone away.

For the SNAP-NC subsidy program called PALS, Prevent Another Litter Subsidy Program, income qualification is required. Please see our page on PALS for more information.

SNAP-NC operates a fleet of mobile veterinary surgery clinics, staffed by fully licensed and accredited veterinarians and their team, use the most modern techniques, anesthesia, and equipment to ensure the safety of your pets and provide them with the level of care they deserve.

The SNAP-NC program was one of the first of its kind in the United States. The program has handled over 123,000 pets since its inception. This has made a direct and immediate impact, by reducing the number of unwanted animals in the area shelters. Besides improving the quality of life for our best friends, this saves money for the community as a whole.

The lifesaving and life-enhancing work of SNAP-NC is funded through the fees charged for our services as well as grants and donations from various sources.

SNAP-NC Services are delivered through a fleet of mobile veterinary surgery clinics able to bring the benefits of top-notch care to all parts of the twelve counties we serve. These clinics on wheels go directly into the communities we serve to perform safe and professional sterilization of the dogs and cats you have made part of your family. We can also provide vaccinations and other necessary services to animal sterilized through our program.

SNAP-NC Mobile Unit

Each SNAP-NC mobile clinic has its own on-board electric generator and clean water supply to ensure uninterrrupted care for your pets regardless of outside conditions. The clinics are fully self-sufficient and able to travel to even the most remote parts of the areas we serve.

Pet families can call our office to set up an appointment. We provide detailed instructions on preparing the pet for the surgery and answer any questions about the process. The morning of the appointment, the pet is brought (on a leash or in a carrier) to the mobile clinic, and will be picked up from the clinic that same afternoon. Our team provides the pet family with written instructions for after-surgery care and emergency contact telephone number for any questions during the recovery period.


Dr. Bartfield

Dr. Laureen Bartfield - President, Program Director & Staff Surgeon
Dr. B. and her husband live on a farm in Chatham County, with their horses, dogs, cats and many fowl. And she is very active in a number of animal welfare organizations both from the investigation standpoint and pursuing changes in legislation to benefit animals.

Dr. Carter

Dr. Renee Carter - Staff Surgeon
Dr. Carter is from a small town just outside Boise, Idaho. She attended vet school at the University of California Davis and now lives in Hillsborough with her husband, their wonderful sons, and three rescued animals (one ex-racing greyhound and two cats). In her free time, she enjoys playing with her sons, camping, skiing, running and decorating.

Dr. Borst

Dr. Tracy Borst - Staff Surgeon
Dr. Borst is from Springfield, IL and attended vet school at the University of Illinois. She now lives outside of Clayton with her husband, two adorable children, horses, cats and dogs. In her small amount of spare time she enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and working on house projects with her family.


Carrie - Veterinary Assistant
Carrie is from a small farm in NJ, and has been with SNAP for over 10 years. She has a deaf yellow lab, Noodle, and three cats one of which has three legs. All of her animals are rescues. She fosters animals in need, the last of which was Parker (a beautiful fawn Dobe) who is now in a fantastic forever home. Carrie has a BS in animal science from Clemson.


Robin - Veterinary Assistant
Robin moved to NC from Arkansas in 2008. She started working for SNAP in March 2009. Robin has worked as a veterinary assistant for 16 years. When not at work Robin likes to bird watch, hike and kayak. A bloodhound, a boxer and 2 cats keep Robin entertained and happy.


Kelly - Office Manager / Scheduler
Kelly joined the SNAP team in 2007. Prior to joining the SNAP team Kelly worked as an Office Manager at an investment firm in Philadelphia, PA. Kelly and her family share their home with 1 rescue dog and 4 rescue cats. Outside of work, Kelly enjoys quality time with her son, travel, and spreading the word about SNAP-NC!


Amy - Scheduler
Originally from Philadelphia, Amy joined the Snap-NC team in April 2013. Amy comes to us with 15 years of Administrative and Customer Service Experience. Amy strives provide excellent Customer Service to our clients and does so with a positive and friendly attitude. Outside of work Amy enjoys spending time with her family, doting on her beautiful children and snuggling with her dog Patch and cat Bear.


Rachel - Veterinary Assistant
Rachel joined SNAP in April 2014 after spending 9 years in veterinary specialty hospitals in the Raleigh area. She graduated from NCSU with a degree in Agriculture Extension Education and Animal Science. Rachel and her wife run In Theory Farm, where they spend their free time with dairy goats, dairy cows, chickens, pigs, a donkey, lots of cats and a Corgi.

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